Bringing Health, Beauty, and Fun to Your Local Library with Guest Blogger Tabitha Washington, Gadsden County Public Libraries

By Guest Blogger Tabitha Washington, Gadsden County Public Libraries

About 3 years ago I decided I wanted to bring a health and beauty series to the Gadsden County Public Libraries. The communities that we serve have a lot of women who are looking to improve themselves physically. So I decided to incorporate Zumba first to help with the fitness aspect. I attend classes on my own in Tallahassee, so I reached out to my instructor, and she was more than willing to help. Zumba has been successful at the libraries for a couple of years.

I next decided I wanted to do something out the box for the women of Gadsden County. I called in a few favors from friends with various talents and put on a makeup glam and a hair seminar. My personal hair stylist is Aveda-trained in hair, makeup, and eyelash extensions. Together we put together two amazing programs for women. The presentations both included PowerPoint presentations, hands-on tutorials, sample products, and a live demonstration (with me as the model). Guests had a chance to ask questions, take notes, and there was even a drawing for door prizes. I was also able to obtain nice refreshments from a local caterer at little to no cost. Both events were well attended and greatly appreciated. I scheduled them close to Mother’s Day in 2017 and 2018, to draw more women in.

A month prior to the event, I had a poster-size flyer made of the event. I also had a display table made as a teaser to the event. The day of Ladies Glam Night, the meeting room was decorated in pink and black. I used plastic tablecloths from Walmart and made the tables look like gift boxes. On each table were containers with eye pencils, concealer, sponges, toner, and wipes. These items were used for participants to practice drawing eyebrows on each other. The beauty consultant gave them a demo and later went around and assisted the guests.

The grand finale was the live full makeup demonstration featuring me! I got a full face of makeup, false eyelashes, and my hair curled. I thoroughly enjoyed getting glammed up, and my library patrons did, too!

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