2021 Panhandle Academic Libraries Conference – July 16, 2021 (Recordings)


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Ways Out/Ways In: Academic Libraries and the Disruption of Generational Poverty with Tracie Hall, Executive Director, American Library Association
Starting with the premise that, along with financial and social capital, education is one of the most formidable vehicles to socio-economic mobility, Tracie Hall, the American Library Association’s tenth executive director, reflects on the educational and social responsibility of post-secondary institutions to end generational poverty and the role that academic libraries can play. This interactive session will share ALA’s learning and actions and also provide attendees a way with a checklist to jumpstart planning.

Breakout Sessions:

Breaking Away from the Talking Head Style of Instruction in Zoom with Sarah J. Hammill

Controlled Digital Lending with Xuan (Lily) Pang, Peggy Glatthaar, and Alvin Lee

Evidence-Based Practice: The Role and Opportunities for Librarians with Roy Brown

Framing Library Responses to Faculty Perceptions on Academic Publishing at Florida State University with Renaine Julian, Valerie Boulos, and Scott Schmucker

Resources for Homeless Students with Dr. Clarissa West-White and Betty Story-Westlake

Building Services with Interdepartmental Partnerships – An Examination of a STEM Review Series with Erica Cooper and Joy Enid Wright

Buying Everything Black: Going Beyond DEI Talk in Collection Development with Mallary Rawls, Adam Beauchamp, and Hannah Menendez

Access Services and Delivery in Response to COVID-19 with Jeff Hipsher, Cynthia Harley, and Myriam Bilodeau

What You Need to Know About Interviewing in Academic Libraries with Michelle Finley

Information Versus Knowledge Versus Disinformation: Librarians at the First Line of Offense! with Stephanie Johnson

Overcoming Weeding Avoidance: An Ongoing Adventure with Sarah Addison

Virtual Health Literacy – An Answer in a Pandemic with Jessica Daly

Pre-Recorded Lightning Rounds

Snakes in the Library: Harvesting Syllabi with Python to Analyze Library Outreach Effectiveness with Josh Camacho and Michelle Finley
How can libraries track instructor engagement with library initiatives, especially regarding Open Education? “Snakes in the Library” documents the use of scripting technologies in combining automation, analysis, and application with library outreach.

Thoughtful Faculty Outreach with Kellie Sparks
Learn how UWF Libraries leveraged a rise in email usage to create a targeted email campaign. Identifying faculty research interests lead us to increased brand awareness. This session includes details on implementation and compelling messaging.

Tech Fails Got you Down?: Tips for Improving Your Online Teaching and Video Tool Experience with Sandy Avila and Sarah Norris
This session will explore a variety of online technology tools for use in teaching and learning. The presenters will discuss how to avoid pitfalls and challenges by offering strategies and solutions for tech tool success.

A Librarian’s Guide to Radical Gatekeeping: Reducing Academic-Driven Harm in Chronically Exploited Communities with Stephanie Birch
Libraries are uniquely positioned as vectors for creating access to people and information. However, information professionals learn to recognize the burden of access on chronically exploited communities and become radical gatekeepers.

Hidden Gems: Let’s Share Underutilized Resources for Library Staff: Google Doc of Shared Resources — Feel free to add more!


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2021 Committee Members:

  • Melissa Davis, Co-Chair (Pensacola State College)
  • Maria Gonzalez, Co-Chair (Pensacola State College)
  • Mike Lane, Co-Chair (Pensacola State College)
  • Valerie Boulos (Florida State University)
  • Regina Burgess (Panhandle Library Access Network)
  • Tom Cruz (Florida State University)
  • Brian Erb (Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative)
  • Melissa Gonzalez (University of West Florida)
  • Alvin Lee (Florida A&M University)
  • Jenni McKnight (Florida State University)
  • Portia McQueen (Florida A&M University)
  • Mike Meth (Florida State University)