Self-Paced Training on Grants & Learning

PLAN is contracting with Stephanie Gerding to provide the following self-paced training opportunities for PLAN member library staff:

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: You can register for these trainings through January 28th.

DEADLINE TO FINISH TRAINING: Training access will be granted on Stephanie’s training platform on February 1st. You will have 60 days to complete the trainings.

We have to pay separately for each person who registers, so please only register if you plan to take the training.

This training is open only to PLAN member library staff. If your library is not a member of PLAN, please reach out to your own multitype library cooperative and request access.

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Winning Library Grants

This self-paced course includes 5 modules and includes quick videos, readings, exercises, “quizzes,” and optional feedback on short assignments.    

During this course, you will discover the confidence, knowledge, and skills to be successful at grant work. This course will cover all aspects of grant work, including understanding the process, planning, developing grant project ideas, finding the best funding sources and grant opportunities, and writing winning grant proposals. You will apply the concepts learned to discover grant opportunities, design a grant project, and create a grant proposal.

  • Module 1: Plan for Success — To develop meaningful grant projects and winning grant proposals, you must plan and prepare. This module helps you gain knowledge of all aspects of grant work so you will be ready to plan for the wise use of grant funds and successful completion of a grant project. Learn the importance of determining needs, the biggest shortcuts for writing grant proposals, and the importance of partnerships.
  • Module 2: Design Winning Grant Projects — By planning and prioritizing before beginning to write a grant application, you make sure that the project is designed to meet real community needs and supports the organizational mission and strategic plans. Develop a grant project based on community needs. Includes a step-by-step project planning worksheet.
  • Module 3: Research Funders and Grant Opportunities — Discover library grant funders and learn where to find grant announcements and opportunities, realizing that local sources are not as competitive as national sources. Explore and find grant opportunities from funders that are a good match and a good fit for a grant project based on community needs and library or strategic priorities.
  • Module 4: Create the Winning Proposal — Learn to plan and write a proposal with clarity and professionalism, incorporating needs assessments, project development, and evaluation. Common proposal components and funder’s wish list will be covered. Find out how grants are evaluated and how to set your proposal up for success. Includes outcome-based planning and logic models.
  • Module 5: Implement, Evaluate, Continue — What you need to do if your project is funded…or not funded. Tips will be given for implementing a grant project and debriefing and reviewing your grant strategies. Discover how to learn more about grants and proposal writing and how to continue the grant process.

Share the Learning

Learn tools and techniques to share meaningful learning experiences. Be a successful self-directed learner and plan how to learn collaboratively while sustaining a shared learning environment at your library. This self-paced course includes three modules and offers short videos (5-20 minutes), readings, and worksheets.

  • Module 1: Supporting the Adult Modern Learner — Applying adult learning principles in order to increase knowledge building, participation, and retention. Includes: how people learn and the role of motivation and growth mindsets.
  • Module 2: Transferring Knowledge — Transfer learning to others (after training events or through other learning experiences)
    • Planning to Learn as an Organization; the importance of connecting individual professional learning to organizational goals and library mission; incorporating learning culture into planning processes. Making learning a library priority; tools for sharing learning with managers; building a learning culture; building coalitions to work together and solve problems using new knowledge
    • Planning My Learning: Self-Directed Learning, Personal Learning Plans; How to be a Successful Learner
    • Planning to Learn Together; Prepare to share using Transfer of Learning Form; Action Plans; learning partners and peer sharing.
  • Module 3: Designing Group Learning Experiences — Design quality training (prioritizing and organizing content, using a design plan with modules, creating meaningful learning objectives, managing time and logistics, delivering interactive training)

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