Webinar (Live): The Art of Saying No To Customers with Linda Bruno

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Date(s) - 03/14/2019
2:00 pm CDT - 3:00 pm CDT

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Perhaps you’ve heard the myth that since the customer is always right, you have to say yes to whatever they want.

News flash! Not only is the customer not always right, there are certainly times when you can and should say no.

But even though the customer is not always right, they are always “the customer.” Interactions with users require trust, respect, and focus on the needs of the individual. When we incorporate those aspects of service into our interactions, we develop loyalty. And in today’s “I can find it elsewhere”-world, loyalty is at a premium.

In this fast-paced one-hour webinar program, we’ll help you determine when it’s appropriate to use that important little word. More importantly, you’ll learn how to say no in a way that maintains the loyalty you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Linda Bruno develops and conducts training for library clients across the United States. She offers a wide variety of topics such as customer service, supervisory skills, and personalities (along with many others). She loves the learning that happens when people share their experiences in this thing we call life!

Competency Index for the Library Field: Essential Library Competencies

Skill Level: Introduction & Beyond Basic

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