Webinar (Live): Refresh and Renew Your Excitement About Your Library with Linda Bruno

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Date(s) - 09/25/2019
2:00 pm CDT - 3:30 pm CDT

Have you ever heard someone mention their “third place?” What does that mean? In essence, it means that most of us have two places we “have” to be – home and work. But our third place is where we want to be. For many of your patrons, their “third place” is your library.

When they visit you, they want a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment. That’s a challenge if you are drained of your energy and enthusiasm for your library. You give your energy every day to serve your patrons in whatever way you can. So it isn’t surprising when your energy level dips occasionally, especially when challenging life events happen.

If that’s ever happened to you, maybe it’s time for a little R & R :-). This webinar will offer opportunities to:

  • Re-fuel to better serve patrons.
  • Re-tool how you look at your job.
  • Reinvigorate your feelings about your library.
  • Revive your enthusiasm for your profession.
  • And of course, Refresh and Renew your excitement!

Maybe we should call it “R & R & R & R & R & R!!”

Whichever title you like, this is a fun, uplifting webinar. I hope to see you there!

Linda Bruno develops and conducts training for library clients across the United States. She offers a wide variety of topics such as customer service, supervisory skills, and personalities (along with many others). She loves the learning that happens when people share their experiences in this thing we call life!

Competency Index for the Library Field: Essential Library Competencies

Skill Level: Introduction & Beyond Basic

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