PLAN Small & Rural Libraries Conference

Date(s) - 01/19/2018
8:00 am CST - 3:45 pm CST

Florida State University - Panama City, Bland Conference Center

Cultural Competency: Diversity and Generational Diversity with Rick Caldwell of RCultures

Through this training, participants will learn to view each individual as having a unique culture, and gain tools to develop more culturally proficient personal and professional behaviors. Rather than singling out specific groups or ethnicities by developing “lists” of values and beliefs, the approach focuses on communicating, building trust, being sensitive, and recognizing and learning about the unique and special qualities of various cultures. In addition, participants will get a deeper understanding of why people of different age groups tend to think, feel, and act as they do. You will learn a variety of strategies and techniques for finding “common ground” for working more effectively, collaboratively, and productively with everyone on your team.

How to Host a Fun, Easy, and Literary Halloween Event with Robyn Drummond of the Wakulla County Public Library

Learn how one small public library hosts a Halloween Trick-or-Treat Story Walk with an annual attendance of over 4,000 people on a very small budget.

Budget Crunch at the Mary Esther Public Library: How a Community Rallied to Save Their Library with Sheila Ortyl of the Mary Esther Public Library and Michele Rachie from the Friends of the Mary Esther Public Library

Learn the background of why they felt the library was in danger and how quickly the Friends responded and coordinated an advocacy effort on their behalf.

The Three P’s of Applying for LSTA Grants: Planning, Preparation and Presentation with Marian Deeney of the Florida Department State’s Division of Library and Information Services

  • Planning ahead is key to a successful grant application. (What do you need to know to get started? e. g., Understanding the program guidelines)
  • Preparing a needs statement is critical to making the case for the project. (What vital need is not being addressed? e.g., Supporting the proposition with data)
  • Presenting your project as a solution to the need. (How will the proposed project address the need? e.g., Identify the solution the grant will provide)

FLA Proposed Library Certification with Gene Coppola, FLA Public Library Directors Member Group and Director of the Palm Harbor Library

This session will present a preliminary overview of a new Florida Library Association initiative regarding a formal certification process for public libraries in Florida. This particular presentation will narrow its scope to small and rural libraries.

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For FY2021-22, 70% of the total costs for the PLAN Continuing Education program ($220,000) is supported by federal money, and 30% of this program ($92,991) is supported by state money. The total budget of the project is $312,991.