PLAN Tech Day Conference

Date(s) - 04/24/2020
8:30 am CDT - 4:00 pm CDT

Florida State University - Panama City, Holley Academic Center


Evolving Technologies in Libraries with Laura Solomon — Like most of us who pay even a little attention to recent developments in technology, you’re likely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information and progress. With so much coming at us so fast, keeping up can be a challenge.

Do some technologies deserve more attention than others? Join Laura Solomon as she explores what’s coming down the pike and what it might mean (or not) for libraries. We can’t track everything, but we can pick out some patterns in what’s happening around us.

Laura Solomon, MLS, is the Library Services Manager for the Ohio Public Library Information Network and a W3C-certified front-end web developer. She has been doing web development and design for more than twenty years, in both public libraries and as an independent consultant. She specializes in developing with Drupal. She is a 2010 Library Journal Mover & Shaker. She’s written three books about social media and content marketing, specifically for libraries, and speaks nationally on both these and technology-related topics. As a former children’s librarian, she enjoys bringing the “fun of technology” to audiences and in giving libraries the tools they need to better serve the virtual customer.

Breakout Sessions

Tools to Survive the Datapocalypse with Joshua Stone: Almost everyday we learn about new data breaches, surveillance programs, corporate tracking, and social media exploitations. Is privacy a relic of the past? We are told that if you want the conveniences of our modern age, you must be willing to give up your privacy. There are ways to participate in digital society while protecting yourself from those that wish to spy on you. This presentation will showcase privacy and security tools to help people keep their privacy online. Learn about the importance of using password managers and two-factor authentication, secure browsers and privacy extensions, encrypted messaging and file sharing, and privacy resources to help stay informed and up-to-date. Participants are encouraged to bring their own devices in order to try out any of the exciting privacy tools discussed. Librarians can use these tips and tools to help protect themselves, and their patrons. Joshua Stone is the Director of Staff Development for SEFLIN, the Southeast Florida Library Information Network. Joshua has over a decade of experience teaching technology courses to patrons and library staff. He is a graduate of the inaugural cohort of the Library Freedom Institute, a partnership between New York University and the Library Freedom Project to set up a network of online privacy advocates and trainers. Joshua has presented on digital privacy and security issues at multiple library conferences, and oversees a group of privacy trainers and advocates in South Florida.

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