Feeding My Need to Read

Hi, I’m Carol and I’m addicted to reading.  My preferred format is e-books.  I always have several loaded and ready to go on my Kindle.  This habit of mine can get expensive.

I’m also a librarian.  So I know I can get access to e-books from my local library through OverDrive and with Recorded Books through PLAN.  While these collections are growing, they are still relatively small.  To feed my addiction, I have had to find some other low-cost alternatives.

BookBubI have been using BookBub for several years. Based on my profile, I receive a daily email alert with a list of limited-time free & discounted e-books matching my interests. It’s free to join, I can read on any device, and the books are mine to own. I don’t buy something every day but I find enough interesting things to keep me in books for a long time.

EarlyBirdRecently, I found another supplier, Early Bird Books. This service is similar in that I set my preferences and receive an email with e-book deals, special offers, and stories about the books and authors.

I haven’t had a chance to compare the two services yet, but will add comments later. If you use either service, I would love to hear your thoughts.  Or if you have another source for free/inexpensive e-books, leave your tips in the comments. Just don’t tell my family that you are enabling me.

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