8 Reasons Why You and Your Coworkers Should Attend the PLAN Library Essentials Conference: Community Engagement on April 12th

Graphic of people networkingHere are 8 reasons why you and your coworkers should attend the PLAN Library Essentials Conference: Community Engagement on April 12th at Florida State University – Panama City:

  1. BRIAN HART – Brian is the Deputy Director of the Greensboro Public Library & Board member for EveryLibrary, the only library-related political action committee. Brian is a fun, interactive speaker (I saw him at the Northwest Regional Library System staff development day a few years ago), and you will leave the conference ready to go engage with your community! Brian will present both the opening and closing sessions.
  2. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT IS HOT – Libraries can no longer wait for the community to come to them. They must seek out community members, and the presentations at this conference will give you some ideas, whether you work for an academic library, public library, or special library.
  3. ALL STAFF MEMBERS COUNT – Community engagement is not just something for management. All staff members can contribute to community engagement. Are you a member of a local club? Attend church regularly? Play on your spouse’s softball team? These are all opportunities for community engagement.
  4. HEATHER HAS A GREAT TITLE FOR HER PRESENTATION – How can you not want to attend a breakout session entitled “The Last Book Club: Love, Rage, and Squandering Flowers.” (I mean, just who is squandering flowers? What kind of lowers?) But seriously, Heather will be speaking about senior outreach, and with our rapidly aging population, this is a topic we all need to know more about.
  5. INCREASE ACADEMIC RETENTION RATES – It’s great when colleges and universities can increase admission rates, but how can libraries help retain these students, especially commuter students, who face unique challenges? Maria Goodspeed and Melissa Davis of Pensacola State College will provide you with all the answers.
  6. SARAH PLAYS THE DULCIMER – I’m not quite sure what a dulcimer is (looks like a weird guitar thingy…), but playing a musical instrument can increase happiness, confidence, and brain power, and I could use all of that! So could your patrons, so attend Sarah’s breakout session and learn how to start a music class at your library.
  7. SUBJECT LIBRARIANSHIP IS HOT, HOT, HOT – Academic libraries have learned that the best way to facilitate a working relationship between the library and faculty is to have subject librarians assigned to academic departments. Mohamed Berray and his colleagues from FSU will give you tips on how to implement or improve your own program.
  8. CONTINUING EDUCATION IS VITAL TO ALL LIBRARY STAFF – Besides providing ideas and knowledge, continuing education can re-energize you and your staff!

Register now at https://www.plan.lib.fl.us/events/library-essentials-conference-community-engagement/.

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