Innovation Projects

PLAN member libraries may apply for funding assistance with Innovation Projects to foster innovation through New Services, New Programs, and the use of New Technologies.  Or put a new twist on some old service or procedure.

Libraries complete a short but detailed application that includes: scope of the project, need that the funding will address, resources required, activities with timeline, and how the project will be sustained.

  • Projects may be multi-year, depending on the availability of funding.  Multi-year applications should specify the amounts requested, the activities and the expenditures for each year.
  • Large and small awards will be considered but projects of $5,000 or more will require a match.
  • The application requires the approval from Library Director and the agent, office, or board to whom the Director reports.
  • Applications will be evaluated by PLAN’s Board of Directors based upon the merits of the application and the availability of funds.
  • PLAN will not issue funds directly to the library.  PLAN will purchase materials/equipment on behalf of the library.

Application Submission & Completion Timeline:

  • Innovation Project Applications must be submitted to PLAN by October 20 of the fiscal year (Oct. 1 – Sept. 30) in which the funding is requested.
  • Applications may be submitted via email, fax (850.235.2286), or mail.
  • The PLAN Board will review the applications and select those that will be funded by November 30.
  • Libraries receiving awards will be notified in December.
  • A written report must be submitted by August 31.
  • Recipients will share information about their project by presenting at a PLAN conference (breakout session, lightning round, or poster session), conducting a PLAN webinar, or writing a blog post for the PLAN website.

2019-2020 Innovation project recipients:

Click on Project name to view a copy of the project application.

Escambia Schools – Bellview Middle School Making Over Maker Spaces  $712.00
Escambia Schools – Bratt Elementary School Code Capers  $4,877.60
Escambia Schools – Suter Elementary School All About Bots  $4,840.01
Escambia Schools – Warrington Middle School Ignition for Cognition  $1,085.00
Florida State University Captivating Instruction $1,429.75
Florida State University Mobile 3D Scanner $2,500.00
Florida State University Research Repository Accessibility Content Enhancement $1,500.00
LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library Growing STEM $3,120.00
Northwest Regional Library System Bridging the Deaf and Hearing Community  $1,800.00
Northwest Regional Library System Dungeons and Dragons  $1,000.00
Northwest Regional Library System Harrell Memorial Library Children’s Discovery Zone  $664.77
Northwest Regional Library System Lego Club @ Your Library  $614.12
OCPLC – Valparaiso PL Valparaiso Media Lab  $3,036.74
Walton County Public Library Coding Camp  $2,786.34
Wilderness Coast Public Libraries – Wakulla Kids Coding Expansion  $4,196.32
Wilderness Coast Public Libraries – Wakulla Tactile Toddler Tales  $567.95

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