The Chronicles of St. Mary’s by Regina Burgess

Cover of book Just One Damned Thing after Another by Jodi TaylorIn today’s blog post, I want to share with you a series that I absolutely love: The Chronicles of St. Mary’s by Jodi Taylor.

The first novel in the series, Just One Damned Thing After Another, introduces us to our heroine, Dr. Madelaine Maxwell, known as Max, who joins the St. Mary’s Institute of Historical Research. St. Mary’s consists of a bunch of disaster-prone historians who study major historical events in contemporary time.

Do NOT call it time travel!

The goal of the historians is to observe and document to try to find the answers to some of history’s unanswered questions – and not die in the process.

In the first novel, they time travel…er, visit 11th century London, World War I, the Cretaceous Period, and the destruction of the Great Library at Alexandria.

The books are hilarious – seriously laugh-out-loud fun! I love them so much that I also read all of the short stories and novellas in the series, and I am not usually a fan of short stories.

I found the books on Amazon (I don’t know how), but I probably wouldn’t have found them in a library because they would be shelved in SciFi, and I don’t read SciFi.

I mean, obviously I do, or I wouldn’t have read these books, but I don’t actively seek SciFi materials.

There are currently nine novels in the series (plus several short stories):

  • A Symphony of Echoes
  • A Second Chance
  • A Trail Through Time
  • No Time Like the Past
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • Lies, Damned Lies, and History
  • And the Rest if History
  • An Argumentation of Historians

Book 10 is scheduled to be published next month:

  • Hope for the Best

Other historical periods the historians visit include Jack the Ripper’s London; the murder of Archbishop Thomas á Becket; Stone Age hunters; a mirror-stealing Isaac Newton; dodos eating cucumber sandwiches; the Great Fire of London; and the Bronze Age of Troy.

But will they ever discover why all the travel pods smell like cabbage?

I highly recommend this series, and I also recommend that you read it in order. Enjoy!

Edit: Thanks to Vicky Stever’s suggestion, we will order the entire series on RBdigital.

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