Share Your Passion

Library staff members often wear many hats, especially in smaller libraries. But there is usually that one activity (i.e., youth services, genealogy, maker spaces) that sparks their creativity and passion. It’s what they most enjoy doing. It’s the topic that their conversations revolve around when they speak with colleagues at meetings or conferences. At a small library, there may be no one with whom they can brainstorm ideas. They may not be able to attend conferences to get new ideas. Perhaps they continue to do things the way they have always done them because they are not sure an idea will work.

PLAN Interest Groups offer library staff the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, and learn about new resources. These groups also provide input to PLAN staff on training and projects. Online meetings allow staff to connect with others without leaving their library. Face-to-face meetings at PLAN conferences provide an opportunity to build relationships with staff from other libraries.

Participants in the Interest Groups also share information on PLAN’s Community Forums. Visit the Forums to view resources provided in the Interest Groups and discussions of other topics.

There are currently three PLAN Interest Groups: Marketing & Promotion, STEM, and Youth Services. Check the PLAN website for the next scheduled meeting. We would like to sponsor additional groups. If you would like to assist with an existing group or start a new group, please contact me. It’s not difficult, when people are passionate about what they do. For more information about PLAN Interest Groups, please visit our website.