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The Four Stages of Project ManagementLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/08/06Handout
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Let's Get PersonalLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/08/04Handout
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COVID-19 Virtual Meetup - Public LibrariesEssential Library Competencies2020/07/31Chat Log
Hire Right the First TimeLinda BrunoLibrary Management Competencies2020/07/23Handout
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Encouraging Stories In Your LibraryLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/07/21Handout
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COVID-19 Virtual Meetup - Public LibrariesEssential Library Competencies2020/07/17Chat Log
Taking InitiativeLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/07/08Handout
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ClinicalTrials.gov: Results Reporting, Unique Evidence, and the Role of Medical LibrariansLiz WaltmannTechnology Competencies2020/07/08Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Moving from Promotion to Engagement (FSU @ Your Library Session)Cordelia AndersonLibrary Management Competencies2020/06/23Chat Log
COVID-19 Virtual Meetup - Public LibrariesEssential Library Competencies2020/06/19Chat Log
Catch 'Em By the TailLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/06/10Handout
Chat Log
COVID-19 Virtual Meetup - Public LibrariesEssential Library Competencies2020/06/05Chat Log
How Leaders Make DecisionsDoug CraneLibrary Management Competencies2020/06/03Chat Log
Basic Book Repair for LibrariesMarianne HanleyEssential Library Competencies2020/06/02Chat Log
Slide Presentation
COVID-19 Virtual Meetup - Public LibrariesEssential Library Competencies2020/05/22Chat Log
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Say NO!Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/05/21Handout
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Escaping Ordinary Instruction: Using Escape Rooms to Get Students Thinking Critically & Creatively
Liz Dunne and Nikki MorsePublic Services Competencies2020/05/21Slide Presentation
Chat Log
Be the Inspiration They Want -- and NeedLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/05/19Handout
Chat Log
Service Animals in the LibraryKodi MillerEssential Library Competencies2020/05/19Chat Log
Time's Up: Now What? Practical Tips for Planning and Preparing Library Space for Community Use After COVID-19Anne ShepherdEssential Library Competencies2020/05/08Chat Log
Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: Internal Marketing for the Library: What Is It Good For? Everything!Amy AnEssential Library Competencies2020/05/07Chat Log
Slide Presentation
COVID-19 Virtual Meetup - School Media CentersEssential Library Competencies2020/05/04Chat Log
COVID-19 Virtual Meetup - Public LibrariesEssential Library Competencies2020/05/04Chat Log
Shields Up! Warding Off NegativityLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/04/27Chat Log
Introduction to CybersecurityLuis Valdes and Guy GarrettEssential Library Competencies2020/04/27Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Assertiveness for the UnassertiveLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/04/22Handout
Chat Log
Open Educational Resources for LibrariansChad MairnTechnology Competencies2020/04/22Chat Log
Slide Presentation
From Reading to TellingKaye ByrnesPublic Services Competencies2020/04/20Chat Log
Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Toto, We're Not in the Library Anymore: Working Effectively Beyond Your Building's BordersLaura SolomonEssential Library Competencies2020/04/17Chat Log
Graphic Design for Libraries Part 2 of 2Aaron SchmidtLibrary Management Competencies2020/04/15Chat Log
Web Mythology: What People Believe About Websites and Why They're WrongLaura SolomonTechnology Competencies2020/04/09Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Caring for the Mind: Providing Mental Health Information at Your LibraryJarrod IrwinPublic Services Competencies2020/04/09Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Graphic Design for Libraries Part 1 of 2Aaron SchmidtLibrary Management Competencies2020/04/08Chat Log
Correlation Does Not Equal Causality: An Introduction to Data LiteracyDr. Nick RuhsEssential Library Competencies2020/04/08Chat Log
An Introduction to InDesign for Poster DesignDenise WetzelTechnology Competencies2020/04/07Chat Log
A New Take on Customer Service: Emotional Labor, Surface Acting, and Deep ActingAmy AnEssential Library Competencies2020/03/26Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Are You Listening? Improving this Power SkillLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/03/12Handout
Chat Log
3D Scanning Basics for Printing and Immersive TechnologiesChad MairnTechnology Competencies2020/03/12Chat Log
Leading Diverse Groups and PeopleDoug Crane and Adam DavisLibrary Management Competencies2020/03/11Chat Log
Digital Preservation: Copyright and PermissionsFrances HarrellLibrary Management Competencies2020/03/11Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Making Your Images Ready for the WebLaura SolomonTechnology Competencies2020/03/10Chat Log
Slide Presentation
From A(ddiction) to Z(its): Supporting Teens with Health InformationJarrod IrwinPublic Services Competencies2020/03/10Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Leadership -- Challenges and RewardsDoug CraneLibrary Management Competencies2020/03/04Chat Log
Digital Preservation: Metadata DemystifiedFrances HarrellLibrary Management Competencies2020/03/04Chat Log
Slide Presentaiton
Be a Networking Ninja!Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/02/20Handout
Chat Log
Introducing How to Build a Personal Voice Assistant (AIY Edition)Chad MairnTechnology Competencies2020/02/20Chat Log
17+ Ways to Nurture Customer RelationshipsLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/02/19Handout
Chat Log
Photographic Preservation: Strategies for Working with Physical CollectionsSandra VarryTechnology Competencies2020/02/19Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Community Research Service: It's Fun and You Can Too!Jayme Bosio and Margaret BarryLibrary Management Competencies2020/02/18Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Feedback Request
Need Research Flyer
Getting Started with Your Partner Organization
Technology Trends for 2020Laura SolomonTechnology Competencies2020/02/13Chat Log
Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: Bullying in the Library Workplace: Houston, We Have a ProblemAmy AnEssential Library Competencies2020/02/13Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Grant Writing for Preservation and Digitization ProjectsFrances HarrellLibrary Management Competencies2020/02/12Chat Log
Slide Presentation
How to Stay Positive in a Negative WorldLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/02/11Handout
Chat Log
Follow Up Webinar to The Efficient Librarian WorkshopDoug CraneEssential Library Competencies2020/01/28Chat Log
20 Life-Changing WordsLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2020/01/16Handout
Chat Log
Introducing Immersive Technologies for LibrariesChad MairnTechnology Competencies2020/01/16Chat Log
Trends in Digital Privacy: Is There Even Such a Thing?Laura SolomonTechnology Competencies2020/01/15Slide Presentation
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Moving from Promotion to Engagement
Cordelia AndersonLibrary Management Competencies2020/01/15Slide Presentation
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Introduction to the Principles of Linked DataSarah StanleyTechnology Competencies2019/12/13Chat Log
Understanding Yourself Using Emotional IntelligenceLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/12/12Handout
Chat Log
Understanding Artificial Intelligence Chad MairnTechnology Competencies2019/12/12Chat Log
Auditing Your Library's Website: How to Benchmark What You've GotLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies
Technology Competencies
2019/12/11Slide Presentation

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Free Online Tools for Working with and Managing Social MediaLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies
Technology Competencies
2019/11/13Slide Presentation
Chat Log
"Level Up" Your Library's Marketing and CommunicationsCordelia AndersonLibrary Management Competencies2019/11/12Slide Presentation
Introduction to Website AccessibilityLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies
Technology Competencies
Chat Log
Slide Presentation
Using Audacity for Podcasts and Other MediaChad MairnTechnology Competencies2019/09/27Slide Presentation
Refresh and Renew Your Excitement About Your LibraryLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/09/25Handout
Understanding Compassion FatigueLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/09/24Handout
Handling Negative Feedback Online: Strategies for Your LibraryLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies2019/09/20
Managing Your PrioritiesLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/09/19Handout
Creating Library Programs for TeensSam GayPublic Services Competencies2019/09/18Slide Presentation
Work/Life Balance: The Key to Real Success, Part 2 of 2Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/09/12Handout
Writing for the WebLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies2019/09/09Slide Presentation
Work/Life Balance: The Key to Real Success, Part 1 of 2Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/09/05Handout
Using iMovie to Create Impressive VideosChad MairnTechnology Competencies2019/08/30Slide Presentation
Public Speaking PointersLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/08/29Handout
PLAN Quick Class: Random Computer Tips and TricksRegina Burgess Technology Competencies2019/08/29Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: How to Use Google Drive and DropboxRegina Burgess Technology Competencies2019/08/28
PLAN Quick Class: How to Use Google FormsRegina Burgess Technology Competencies2019/08/27Handout
PLAN Quick Class: Google Arts & Culture 101Sarah Burris Technology Competencies; Public Service Competencies2019/08/22Slide Presentation
Developing Motivated Cultures: Six Simple Factors that Shape Your OrganizationDoug Crane Library Management Competencies2019/08/14
Will the Real You Please Stand Up: Dealing with Impostor SyndromeLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/08/13Handout
The Art and Science of Marketing CommunicationsKathy DempseyLibrary Management Competencies2019/08/06Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: Lipstick on a Pig: How to Create Low-Cost Book Displays that Get Materials Moving Mary BalintEssential Library Competencies2019/08/01
Lessons for Lifelong LearningLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/07/09Handout
Emotional Intelligence: What It Is and Why It Matters In Your Workplace, Part 2Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/06/20Handout
COVID-19 Virtual Meetup - Public LibrariesEssential Library Competencies2019/06/19Chat Log
Emotional Intelligence: What It Is and Why It Matters In Your Workplace, Part 1Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/06/13Handout
Managing Employee Performance: A Simple Formula for Talking With StaffDoug Crane Library Management Competencies2019/06/12Handout 1
Handout 2
PLAN Quick Class: Words, Places, and Dates: The Advanced Search on TwitterBrian CrowellTechnology Competencies2019/06/06Slide Presentation
Creating Video for BeginnersDiana SilveiraLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2019/06/06Slide Presentation
Work with What You’ve Got: Practical Tips for Redesigning Your Library WebsiteLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2019/06/04Slide Presentation
Delegating Effectively: When, How, and To Whom?Linda BrunoLibrary Management Competencies2019/05/23Handout
Overcoming the Email Avalanche: Three Steps to an Empty InboxDoug CraneEssential Library Competencies2019/05/22Article "Efficient Librarianship – A New Path for the Profession" by Doug Crane
Tools and Strategies for Critically Evaluating Fake NewsDenise WetzelPublic Service Competencies2019/05/22Slide Presentation
Why Your Library Website Should Include a Press RoomKathy DempseyLibrary Management Competencies2019/05/21Slide Presentation
Visual Marketing for Non-DesignersDiana SilveiraLibrary Management Competencies2019/05/09Slide Presentation
Online Privacy for Library Staff and UsersLaura SolomonEssential Library Competencies; Technology Competencies2019/05/07Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: Virtual Reality in the LibraryRobin ShaderTechnology Competencies2019/04/25Slide Presentation
Merge Paper Cube Handout
The 6 Aspects of Being a Great L.E.A.D.E.R.Linda BrunoLibrary Management Competencies2019/04/23Handout
What They Love to HearLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/04/09Handout
Is Your Library's Website an Obstacle Course?Laura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2019/04/02Slide Presentation
Further Reading
Supercharged Storytimes, Part 2 of 2Olivia Wilson and Katherine KastanisPublic Services Competencies2019/03/29
Motivation from the Inside OutLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/03/26Handout
Advancing Accessibility with Mobile DevicesNicole HennigEssential Library Competencies2019/03/26Handout
Slide Presentation
Effective SurveyingDiana SilveiraLibrary Management Competencies2019/03/21Slide Presentation
Supercharged Storytimes, Part 1 of 2Olivia Wilson and Katherine KastanisPublic Services Competencies2019/03/15
The Art of Saying No to CustomersLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/03/14Handout
From Inbox to Completion: The Secrets to Successful WorkflowDoug CraneEssential Library Competencies2019/03/13Handout 1
Handout 2
How to Write Effective Survey QuesitonsKathy DempseyLibrary Management Competencies2019/03/13Handout
Slide Presentation
Solving the Personality Puzzle Part 1
Solving the Personality Puzzle Part 2
Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/03/11 & 2019/03/18Personality Assessment
Part 1 Handout
Part 2 Handout
Emerging Tech Trends for LibrariesLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2019/03/05Slide Presentation
Nasty Negatives and Peacekeeping Positives: Simple Ways to Communicate More EffectivelyLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/02/12Handout
Serving Commuter Students: Implementing Strategies for Academic Success and Building a Connected Community in the LibraryMaria GoodspeedLibrary Management Competencies; Public Services Competencies2019/02/12Slide Presentation
The State of Social Media: Trends & ChallengesLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies2019/02/04Slide Presentation
Creating a Professional Social IdentityDenise Wetzel and Devin SoperEssential Library Competencies2019/01/23
Networking for SuccessLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2019/01/17Handout
WordPress for BeginnersDiana SilveiraTechnology Competencies2019/01/17Slide Presentation
What They Didn't Teach in Library School: The Cycle of True MarketingKathy DempseyLibrary Management Competencies2019/01/15Handout
Slide Presentation
Cataloging 101Robin FayTechnology Competencies2019/01/09Slide Presentation
Self-Scoring Quiz
Free Tools for Working with Graphics and the WebLaura SolomonEssential Library Competencies2019/01/07Slide Presentation
Introduction to MendeleyDenise WetzelPublic Service Competencies2018/12/12
Creating a Culture of Making in Your LibraryAlisha WilsonPublic Service Competencies2018/12/04Slide Presentation
Copyright Basics for all Library StaffLaura SolomonEssential Library Competencies2018/12/03Slide Presentation
Intro to Patent SearchingDenise WetzelPublic Service Competencies2018/11/28
Rock, Paper, Scissors: Finding a Decision Making System that Works for YouLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/11/20Handout
Getting Started with EvernoteLaura SolomonEssential Library Competencies2018/11/05Slide Presentation
PLAN Library 101 Series: Leadership: Becoming a Leader in Your Library, Part 2Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/09/25Handout
PLAN Library 101 Series: Leadership: Becoming a Leader in Your Library, Part 1Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/09/18Handout
Increase Library Usage through Strategic MerchandisingKathy DempseyLibrary Management Competencies2018/09/18Slide Presentation
9 Essential Qualities of MindfulnessAndrew SanderbeckEssential Library Competencies2018/09/04Slide Presentation
PLAN Library 101 Series: Learning and Innovation: Lessons for Life-Long LearningLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/08/28Handout
How to Write for the Library Press (and Make Editors Love You)Kathy DempseyLibrary Management Competencies2018/08/28Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: How to Start a Ukulele Program in Your LibraryRobin ShaderPublic Service Competencies2018/08/23Slide Presentation
Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Handout 4
How to Handle that Dreaded Discipline ProblemLinda BrunoLibrary Management Competencies2018/08/17Handout
PLAN Quick Class: Fundraising IdeasRegina BurgessLibrary Management Competencies2018/08/16Slide Presentation
PLAN Library 101 Series: Collaboration: Cranky Coworkers and Other Difficult BehaviorsLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/08/14Handout
PLAN Library 101 Series: Web TechnologiesRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/08/10Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: Film ProgrammingRegina BurgessPublic Service Competencies2018/08/09Slide Presentation
The Incredible Power of PraiseLinda BrunoLibrary Management Competencies2018/08/03Handout
PLAN Quick Class: Library of Congress WebsiteRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/08/02
PLAN Library 101 Series: Customer Service: How Do We SERVE Our Customers?Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/07/31Handout
Making Your Press Releases More EffectiveKathy DempseyLibrary Management Competencies2018/07/31Slide Presentation
9 Ways to Stay Cool, Calm, and CollectedLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/07/27Handout
Arresting the Time Robbers in Your LifeLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/07/20Handout
PLAN Quick Class: Grammar Rules and Proofreading Refresher, Part 2 of 2Regina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/07/20Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: Grammar Rules and Proofreading Refresher, Part 1 of 2Regina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/07/19Slide Presentation
Tapping Into Employee TalentsLinda BrunoLibrary Management Competencies2018/07/17Handout
PLAN Quick Class: How to Increase Children's CirculationRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/07/12Slide Presentation
Are You a Negative Nell or a Positive Paul? Reducing Our Tendency to Embrace the NegativeLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/07/10Handout
Coaching Others for SuccessLinda BrunoLibrary Management Competencies2018/06/29Handout
PLAN Quick Class: Chrome ExtensionsRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/06/28Handout
PLAN Library 101 Series: Software ApplicationsRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/06/22Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: Document FormattingRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/06/21Slide Presentation

Sample Letter (Block Format)

Sample Letter (Modified Format)

Sample Memo Format

Sample Report Format
Patience: How to Get It, How to Keep ItLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/06/15Handout
PLAN Quick Class: Telephone EtiquetteRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/06/14Slide Presentation
PLAN Library 101 Series: Operating SystemsRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/06/08Slide Presentation
PLAN Quick Class: How to Customize OfficeRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/06/07
Leave Your Stress @ WorkLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/06/01Handout
PLAN Library 101 Series: InternetRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/05/18Handout
Slide Presentation
10 Ways to More Effectively Assert Yourself in the WorkplaceAndrew SanderbeckLibrary Management Competencies2018/05/16Slide Presentation
Turning Patrons Into CheerleadersLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/05/11Handout
Are You Listening? Improving This Essential SkillLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/05/08Handout
Library 101 Series: HardwareRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/05/04Handout
Slide Presentation
Mindfully Managing Others: Getting the Results You Want with the Platinum RuleAndrew SanderbeckLibrary Management Competencies2018/05/02Pre-Assessment Handout
Slide Presentation
The 5 Habits of People Who Form Good HabitsLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/04/27Handout
The Positive Power of IntrovertsLinda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/04/10Handout
Resources for Collaboration and Project ManagementDenise Wetzel and Renaine JulianEssential Library Competencies2018/04/06
Google Like a BossKelly Grove and Renaine JulianPublic Services Competencies and Technology Competencies2018/03/28
Library 101 Series: Email BasicsRegina BurgessEssential Library Competencies2018/03/16Handout
Introduction to SnapchatLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies2018/03/15Slide Presentation
It's Not "Just Part of the Job": Strategies to Recognize and Address Sexual Harassment in the LibraryKatie McLain and Amanda CivitelloEssential Library Competencies2018/03/08Slide Presentation

Pain-Free Presentations: Don't Bore Your Audience to TearsLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies2018/03/06Slide Presentation
Beyond Basic Social Media: Moving Towards Content MarketingLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2018/02/28Slide Presentation
Ready, Set, Goal: Effective Goal Setting Part 2Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/02/23Handout
Turning Outward: What Does Your Community Really Want?Linda BrunoLibrary Management Competencies2018/02/21Handout
Library 101 Series: Ethics and Values Part 2Robin ShaderEssential Library Competencies2018/02/20Handout

Slide Presentation
Ready, Set, Goal: Effective Goal Setting Part 1Linda BrunoEssential Library Competencies2018/02/16Handout
Planning a Website Redesign, Part 4Laura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2018/02/13Slide Presentation
Library 101 Series: Ethics and Values Part 1Robin ShaderEssential Library Competencies2018/02/13Handout 1

Handout 2

Slide Presentation
Effective Workplace Communication Skills for New(er) Supervisors and ManagersAndrew SanderbeckLibrary Management Competencies2018/02/07Slide Presentation

Handout 1

Handout 2
Planning a Website Redesign, Part 3Laura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2018/02/06Slide Presentation
Planning a Website Redesign, Part 2Laura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2018/01/30Slide Presentation
Planning a Website Redesign, Part 1Laura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2018/01/23Slide Presentation
Level Up Your Google Analytics Data with Google Tag ManagerTabatha FarneyLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2018/01/17Slide Presentation
Using Google Analytics Data and ReportsTabatha FarneyLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2018/01/10Slide Presentation
25 Problems on Library Websites and How to Fix ThemLaura SolomonLibrary Management Competencies; Technology Competencies2018/01/09Slide Presentation


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