Webinar Category: Safety and Security

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Dealing with Challenging Patrons and Safety Situations

In this 90-minute session, Dr. Steve Albrecht will cover the dos and don’ts of dealing with challenging patrons, including rude […]

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Library Technology Planning for Today and Tomorrow (Series)

The prospect of technology planning can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, especially for those who work in an already short-staffed library […]

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Continuity of Operations (Series)

Have a Plan. 100-year floods that happen every other year. Wildfires. Pandemic(s). What does it mean to provide “essential” services […]

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Email Marketing for Libraries

Email can be one of the most effective ways we can reach our users.  How can we make the most […]

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Making a Collection Count

Make your collection count! This program talks about the overall quality of a library collection. We will deep dive into […]

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Social Media Content Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Social media has always had trends, and this year is no exception. Find out what professional marketers are focusing on […]

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YouTube: Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a great way to engage your users online. As libraries, we can use it to bring our […]

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Creating Content for Video

Video is one of the most effective ways to reach our students and users.  On average, people spend 100 minutes […]

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Successfully Managing People (Series)

Successfully Managing People Webinar Series Leading others through the process of achieving organizational objectives is a challenging yet rewarding assignment […]

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Bouncing Back: Developing Resilience Amid Challenges and Change

Challenges – check. Change – check and double check. Bouncing back? Maybe??? The real answer to that question is a […]

Creating Online Help for Library Services and Resources

Our digital resources are amazing – they help students research and learn, they help small businesses develop and plan, and […]

When Webinars Attack: Getting from Tedious to Terrific

You have been asked (or maybe you volunteered) to do a webinar. Now what? You’ve almost certainly sat through your […]

Free Unique & Fun Tools to Help Keep You Sane

Let’s be honest: sometimes, we all just need a fun distraction, or something to help make the internet fun again. […]

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Creating Amazon Alexa Skills

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way humans work with machines. Voice-controlled interfaces are one example where computers and humans […]