Creating Online Help for Library Services and Resources

Our digital resources are amazing – they help students research and learn, they help small businesses develop and plan, and they entertain through eReading and streaming media. All for free! We also promote our in-person programs, resources, and materials on our websites.

However, with all of these resources can come frustration.  Users can be left frustrated and without finding what they needed.

How can we help our digital users? How can we help people we may never see in the library? During this interactive webinar, we will explore how through free resources and ingenuity, libraries can create a website that helps guide users to the resources they seek through:

  • Good design
  • FAQ and online help through videos and tutorials
  • Implement online help with chatbots, chat, and email assistance


Diana Silveira is a librarian and President of Novare Library Services, where she works with libraries to develop, implement, and utilize technology effectively. Previously, she was employed by the Tampa Bay (FL) Library Consortium and the Charlotte Mecklenburg (NC) Library. She has an MLIS from UNC-Greensboro and a BS in psychology from Catawba College. Her book, Library Technology Planning for Today and Tomorrow, published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2018, is now available.



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