Helping Patrons Find Affordable Prescription Drugs

Per capita prescription drug spending in the United States exceeds that in all other countries, largely driven by brand-name drug prices that have been increasing in recent years at rates far beyond the consumer price index. While there are ways of saving when it comes to prescription drugs, it can be complicated and overwhelming for most. Often, people choose to do without a medication due to the high cost, even when insured. Join Jessica Daly and discover online resources designed to locate lower prescription prices for the patrons you serve.  


Jessica Daly currently serves as Head of Collections and Electronic Resources for the R.A. Williams Library for AdventHealth University in Orlando, Florida. As a faculty librarian, she holds the ranking of Assistant Professor. While overseeing collection development for the library, she also assists students, faculty, and staff in locating the educational resources they need most. She continues to serve as a health literacy advocate connecting the importance of patient and caregiver health literacy to over-all health outcomes and quality of life for those within her community and beyond.

With over 25 years’ experience as a professional educator and research librarian, Jessica brings to presentations innate warmth pared with research-based knowledge. She was named “Hospital Librarian of the Year for 2020” by the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library of Medicine.

Jessica has been married to her best friend for 22 years and is the proud mother of an 19-year-old daughter who attends Seminole State College. She has two dogs, Bella a Shih Tzu mix and Scout, a Golden Retriever.