Understanding Compassion Fatigue

You love your job. You love your library. You love helping your patrons prepare for a job interview or apply for benefits or even just find a good read. But…

There are days when you’ve given just about all you have to give. At the end of the day, you feel drained, or irritated, or both! You feel like you’ve helped everyone you can help ~ but there are more patrons who still need you. And family members who need you. And friends who need you. And even the grocery store clerk needs you!

“Compassion Fatigue” is a term normally heard in a medical/caregiver environment, describing a caregiver’s reaction to chronic stress that results in feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, self-doubt, lack of focus and fatigue.

Yet isn’t that what you are, too…a “caregiver?” Sometimes people just need to know that someone really does care – and you’re happy to let them know that. At the end of the day, though, when every single solitary person you have seen has required extra “care,” your energy level can be depleted.

Add in the additional care that’s needed during a pandemic or any of the challenges we face on this journey we call life and…how do you deal with the depth of fatigue that caring can create?

“Understanding Compassion Fatigue in Your Library” is an honest discussion of just what “compassion fatigue” is. What kinds of situations cause that energy drain? How can we recognize it?  How does it affect our working environment?  What can we do about it?? We’ll explore ways to take care of yourself so you can continue to show compassion and give your patrons – and others – the care they need.

Join us for this webinar and leave with a better understanding of why you feel the way you do and how you can deal with it more effectively.


Linda Bruno has been developing and conducting training workshops for libraries for more than fifteen years. Her favorite thing to do is to help people become their best selves! That’s why she offers workshops on topics ranging from Leadership Skills to Emotional Intelligence – and lots of areas in between.



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